Cully is Unique

The Cully neighborhood is unique in NE Portland with its large properties that beg to be used for growing food. There is a rich history of food production in this large Portland neighborhood that at one time had two community canneries!Many gardeners would take their backyard vegetables, fruit, and caught sh to the canneries to have preserved food to feed their families all winter. Have you noticed the rising tide of urban farmers providing local food for the Cully neighborhood? At the present time, Cully is home to many urban farms and community gardens.



There are many folks interested in helping to grow our urban farm movement. We encourage Cully residents to understand the importance of food security and how our neighborhood contributes to this sustainable goal.

  • Preserve the unique large lots in the Cully neighborhood for urban farming purposes, wildlife, urban forest and open green space.
  • Encourage owners of large properties to be a part of the urban farm movement in Cully, invest in the food security
    of the neighborhood, and give young farmers the opportunity to operate an urban farm on their property.
  • Increase the a ordability, accessibility and availability of local, fresh
    produce for food and medicine.
  • Offer resources for owners of Cully properties and in ll alternatives to allow urban growth along with urban farming.




  • Market urban farm, property farmed by owner
  • Property farmed by others or by an organizationorted Agricult
  • Small livestock production or beekeeping
  • Educational gardening business
  • Production of salves, tinctures, ointments, etc. using local plants
  • Catering, preserving, baking with local farm produce